Clark the French Bulldog

The gift certificate that was purchased last year for Christmas is what brought Nick, Elizabeth, Clark and myself together.  And boy am I glad it did.  Clark the French Bulldog was the focus of our attention.  French Bulldogs are right up there with Jack Russel Terriers for me.  I admire the big dog personalities that their pint sized bodies accommodate.  Clark may look tiny to you, but he’s a whopping 32 lbs.  Don’t let that fool you.  He’s by no means overweight.  We’re talking all muscle.


Clark, named after Clarke’s at Fanueil Hall where Elizabeth and Nick first met and is a little over a year old.  He is so sweet, very laid back and not shy at all.  I met up with Clark and his mom and dad at Boston Public Gardens last Sunday morning.  The place is amazing.  Who’d have imagined that such a gorgeous park filled with Weeping Willows, rolling grassland and lagoons could be smack dab in the middle of all the hub bub of a major city like Boston?


There are so many different backdrops for shooting here and Clark obliged me every time I wanted to try something….even when the the ducks, swans and pigeons distracted him.


We did have one, itty bitty, teenie weenie incident though.  He was being so good and sticking so close and listening so well, that he had me under his spell and I asked Nick and Elizabeth if we could maybe take him off leash for a little bit of shooting around the pond.  They agreed that he’s usually pretty good unless there are dogs around that he wants to greet or if he gets really excited.  Honestly, I should have known better….um, did I mention swans, ducks and pigeons??  So off came the leash.  It was maybe 15 seconds later that we all stood, jaws dropped, hearts in our throats as we watched Clark leap, in what seemed like Lassie Come Home slow motion fashion, off the ledge and into the 3 foot deep water, heading towards the ducks.    It all happened so fast and my first instinct was, holy cannolli, the little guy is going to drop like a stone and I was ready to dump my camera and jump in to get him.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nick having similar thoughts as he bent to take off his shoes.

It was just then that Clark, with encouragement from all of us shouting “Come on Clark, you can do it”, dog paddled a turn towards us and came swimming back, like a pro I might add.  I’m sure once he was in the water, he second guess how important getting to those birds actually was.  When he got close enough, Nick lifted him from the lagoon and he was promptly put right back on leash where he stayed for the rest of the shoot.  Little guy almost gave me a heart attack when it happened but now I’m kicking myself for not getting any pictures of it.

For an account of the event from Elizabeth’s perspective, check out her blog here:  On Tap For Today

What’s funny is that even after his little adventure, he was still so fascinated with the water fowl.  You’ll notice there is no leash in the pictures but don’t worry, he most certainly has a leash attached.  I removed it in the post processing/editing stage through Photoshop.


Before I met up with the trio, I stopped by the Swan Boat rides to ask if dogs were allowed to take a cruise but unfortunately, they are not.  I was so disappointed because I had an image in my head so I persisted to see if maybe Nick and Elizabeth could hold him while we took the ride but alas, my efforts were futile.  No dogs allowed.


That’s ok, we had  plenty of other photo opps.



Thank you Nick and Elizabeth for allowing me carte blanche with the shoot.  I’m so happy that Michael put us in touch.  And thank you little guy.  Your patience, curiosity and sense of adventure made my day.  You were such a champ as the morning got hotter.  It was truly a pleasure working with you.


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