Baxter and MacKenzie Revisited

My last shoot with Baxter and MacKenzie came to a unexpected halt due to light rain turning into torrential downpours. I felt so bad for Tracey who envisioned a photograph of the trio walking on the beach into a setting sun. And because I aim to please (no pun intended), we rescheduled with high hopes.

On the morning of our next schedule photo shoot, the blue sky complimented the soft sun so beautifully that I knew we were going to be successful. We were not. Mother Nature toyed with us further when only an hour before the shoot was to take place, the clouds gathered, the sky turned gray and light rain began to fall.

Was someone trying to tell us something? I’m not swayed easily and Murphy’s Law in full force only succeeds in making me even more determined. I told Tracey I would reschedule from now until Dooms Day if need be. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? So we did.

The plan was to meet in Plymouth at the Jenney Grist Mill, do some shooting there and then head to Nelson’s Beach again to see if maybe the construction from our first session had been completed. Upon arrival, the street to the mill was blocked off and a police officer was making all traffic detour into Plymouth center. Plymouth center was abuzz with activity (and lots…LOTS of traffic congestion) due to some kind of town fair.

I called Tracey who was stuck in town traffic trying to find a place to park in order to walk Baxter and Kenzie to the grist mill. I couldn’t believe our luck and I knew there had to be a better way. We decided to switch to plan b and head directly to Nelson’s Beach. It wasn’t long before Tracey called me (while I was stuck in traffic) with exasperation in her voice to tell me that the construction was still going on and the beach was now blocked off.

Blocked off? Oh no! We decided to meet there anyway so that we could at least chat face to face about what our next move would be. I did not want to reschedule again because I didn’t want Tracey to give up. When I got there, she mentioned there was a small side street not even a block from the beach where we could park. And wouldn’t you know it, when we turned down the dead end street (which was akin to a private drive), I noticed a small pathway among the bushes at the far end of the street. I got out of the car, ran ahead to scope out the scene and I swear I heard angels sing.

We had found the pinnacle of all locations; a small, secluded beach away from construction with smooth sand for Baxter’s cart, birds for Kenzie to bark at and the marsh grassland that New England is known for. I sent a silent thank you to the heavens and bam, the shoot began.

You know, I’m really glad we had to reschedule because it gave me another day to spend with Baxter and Kenzie. It also afforded me the opportunity to learn more about Tracey and her newly founded organization aimed at providing the Puerto Rican community with knowledge resources in humane education, which inevitably will enhance the bond between animals and humans. Programs surround the issues of spay/neuter, cruelty and abandonment laws and are also directed towards the youth community. In an environment where not much prior thought to animal welfare had been given, Tracy is breaking new ground and I have no doubt, she will make a difference. You can visit her website here: Puerto Rico Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc .

Tracey, it was great seeing you all again. Thank you SO much for your patience!  I hope you enjoy your gallery. For now, just a little peek….

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