1650Gallery Submission


I’m am so excited.  This morning I woke up to notification that my Smile image was chosen for the 1650Gallery online annex of My Life as a Dog Photography Exhibition 2014 in Los Angeles.  You can see all of the exhibition images HERE.


Take a Little Time to Play Today

Happy Wednesday.

Brody at Bare Cove:  Hingham Pet Photography

It was crisp and cold the morning I met up with Brody, an English Bull Dog and his mom.  I arrived at Bare Cove in Hingham early and found lots of other dogs and their humans bundled up and romping about.  While I was preparing for Brody’s photo shoot, a lone dog ran into the parking lot with a look that obviously stated “I’m lost”.  She didn’t come to me when I called.  Instead, she trotted around the cars and then frantically ran back into the park.  A few moments later, she came back into the parking lot and I was easily able to tempt her to me with treats.  She was wearing a gps tracking collar so I asked a few of the people coming out of the park if they recognized her, but no one did.  She let me leash her and put her in my car.  I intended to keep her there through the shoot and then try to find her owner.  About that time,  Brody arrived and I explained the situation.  Brody’s Mom was kind enough to wait for me to call the number on the lost dog’s collar.  I left a message and minutes after I hung up, her owner, who was still in the park trying to track her, called back.  It wasn’t long after that that we met up and lost dog became found.  It was an interesting way to start the day.

Now onto the photo shoot.  Brody has one of the most comical and expressive faces I’ve ever worked with.  He has such a great character and a calm, placid way with all the other dogs that were at the park.  I always thought Bulldogs were more on the sluggish side without needing much in the way of exercise but Brody proved me quite wrong.  The only time he slowed was on our return trip (a little over an hour) and even then, a simple play bow from another dog was all it took to encourage more frolicking.  I’m keeping Brody in my files as the go to dog for a new project I’m working on.  He’s given me so many ideas.