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Take a Little Time to Play Today

Happy Wednesday.

Sun, Surf and Seven Cats:  Humarock Pet Photography

What do you get when you combine a beautiful home on the beach in Humarock, the perfect lighting and seven gorgeous cats?  You get the photographic dream.

Bonnie and Steve won an auction at Scituate Animal Shelter for a photo shoot with me and we got together the weekend before last.  When I arrived, I knew it was going to be a special experience.  They live so close to the ocean that their front walkway is lightly covered in sand blown in from the main beach, making me want to remove my shoes and stand barefoot, eyes closed, face towards the sky. Floor to ceiling windows with a view of the ocean graced almost every room in the house allowing for the most dreamy light I could ever hope for.  It reflected off of the walls in such a way that it made many of the images look as if I were shooting in heaven itself.

With hearts as grand as their expansive view, Bonnie and Steve have given a home to seven very lucky cats.  Adopted, found as strays, taken in due to health reasons and ferals coaxed indoors, Opie, Andy, Carrie, Lily, Pee Wee, Smokey and Orange Kitty will never have to worry, fight or scrounge again.

It’s always a pleasure to meet people like Bonnie and Steve, who give without expecting anything in return.  Thank you both so much for all you’ve done to make the lives of your clan trouble free and for all you do to help those around you.  I hope that you enjoy your images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Humarock Pet Photography

Humarock Pet Photography

Humarock Pet Photography

A Mid-Summer Morning With George

I have quite a bit of catching up to do with posts and I wanted to begin with George.  George, a big gray and white tabby with a giant sized personality makes his home in Brookline with his mom and dad.  At the time, he was an only child and blessed with a family who considered him not just a cat, but a very important part of their family.

Most recently, George’s mom gave birth to a gorgeous little girl and I have to say, I was so happy to see logic and sanity prevail.  And the reason I say this is because I’ve seen too many times moms-to-be told by their doctors that cats, litter boxes and pregnancy do not mix and sadly, the outcome, results in cats being surrendered to animal shelters out of irrational fears.  George, you really are loved and lucky you, now you have a little sister!

At first, George wasn’t too sure of me and the camera and I found myself seeing his backside more than his front.  But a little coaxing with chicken jerky treats, and he warmed up very nicely.  Soon, I had a model worthy of the cover of Cat Fancy and he even allowed me to pick him up (much to the surprise of his parents).  Funny thing is, we started our session with him in his favorite sleeping place (the box) and when he decided the shoot was complete and he had given me all he had, he went right back to the box.

Jason and Jill all the best for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very wonderful new year with Genevieve and George.

Check this beautiful boy out…

George Gray White Tabby Brookline Pet PhotographyGeorge Gray White Tabby Brookline Pet PhotographyGeorge Gray White Tabby Brookline Pet PhotographyGeorge Gray White Tabby Brookline Pet PhotographyGeorge Gray White Tabby Brookline Pet Photography


Lullaby, Say Goodnight

I love how cats can sleep anytime, anywhere and in any position.

cat sleeping

Perfecting the Stretch

There’s nothing like a really good stretch.  It’s good for the body before and after working out and does a body good when first waking up.  Cats have stretching down to a science.  Maybe that’s why they’re so flexible and agile.

Cat Stretch

Sam, the Cat Who Looks Like A Dog

I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of the most beautiful felines I’ve ever met.  This is Sam, a 12 year young shelter rescue…….

DSC_1384 copy copy

Not only is he stunning, he is very affectionate too; disproving the cat stigma once again.  Sam lives in a condominium complex and gets to spend his days roaming the surrounding marshland.

DSC_1357 copy copy

I was a little worried he might disappear over the hill and down into the swamp where I’d follow if I had to in order to get the photograph but he never strayed too far (thank you Sam for making my job so much easier)…

DSC_1363 copy copy

DSC_1318 copy copy

And how cute is that little pink tongue????

DSC_1321 copy copy

Jasper, Ezzie and Violet

Some people are dog people, some are cat people.  Each, I’m sure, have their own reasons for their preferences.  I’m owned by three cats and two dogs and I work a lot with cats at Quincy Animal Shelter.  I don’t have a preference.  I enjoy the company of all animals.  But from my experiences with the cats I’ve known and loved, they have all been quite the opposite of the sterotypical aloof, afraid, too independent and well, un-dog like.   They don’t hide under furniture, they don’t go in the other room when you call them and they love lovin’.

The same can be said for these three long haired beauties.  Each had their own individual personalities and all three of them welcomed me  into their space.

Jasper is certainly head of household.  Check out the size of the paws on him.  I’ve seen cats with double paws (one of mine is double thumbed) but I’ve never come across a cat with mitts like Jaspers.

DSC_0316 copy copy

Ezzie was a little shy of the camera and least likely to want a photo taken (but more than happy to lie flat out and get soft scratches)

DSC_0459 copy copy

and Violet, blue eyed, gorgeous Violet…..

DSC_0489 - Copy copy

Cats are a bit harder to photograph than dogs because they are seemingly in a constant state of motion that isn’t easy to predict, whereas a dog will run, stop, freeze a second or two, then run again, stop, freeze and look at something and while the action is almost always there, it’s easier to predict just what might happen and be ready to get the shot.

DSC_0385 copy copy
Mom has a beautifully painted condo with vibrant colors splashing the walls of each room.  From brilliant yet calming blues, to deeper reds and popping greens…it got me thinking how white my walls at home are…..

DSC_0535 copy copy

This is my favorite in the series;  Violet, enjoying the view from her window, totally unaware of Jasper’s approaching like a lion stalking his prey….too cute!!

DSC_0490 copy copy

DSC_0491 copy copy

DSC_0492 copy copy

DSC_0493 copy copy