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Project 365:  Week 23

This week, it certainly seems like it was all about the animals.  Obviously one of my favorite photographic subjects.  Perhaps it’s time to develop a project within Project 365.  The wheels are beginning to turn.


Project 365:  Week 22

Into week 22 of Project 365 and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for following through.  Though we’re not even close to the finish line so I’m not going to count chickens because I could flounder at some point.  The more I participate, the more habit forming the project has become.  And an enjoyable one at that.  I’ve been using my Droid a lot lately now that Instagram has an Android app but still carry my big gun around with me more often than not.  What source I use to shoot really depends on what I’m carrying and what I’m doing at the time I see something I want to capture.

Hope you enjoy the latest installment.  To see daily posts with more info on many of the images, come on over to my Facebook page HERE

Project 365

Make Way For Ducklings

Project 365

Project 365: Phone Images

Project 365

Project 365

Project 365

Project 356:  Pig on the Beach and Vigilance

Pig on the Beach 5-20-12

Not something you see everyday.  This little boy and his buddy certainly turned heads.

Pig on the Beach


Vigilance 5-21-12


Project 365: Reunions, VW Westfalia Fan and a Hoodsie Face

Reunions 5-17-12

My little nephew Owen came to visit from Germany.  The last time we all saw him, he was barely able to walk and couldn’t talk.  Now he’s a little man with killer blue eyes and his own opinions.



Westfalia Fan 5-18-12

He,  like so many others, LOVED Westly.  For him, it was a play fort and he had such a good time tooting the horn.

VW Westfalia Fan


Hoodsie Face 5-19-12

Hoodsie Face

Project 365:  Rhododendrons, Soy Sauce Steam Bath and Boys in Boxes

Rhododendron 5-14-12



Soy Sauce Steam Bath 5-15-12

A chicken finger that looks like the rear view of a headless Venus de Milo.  This has to top the potato chip shaped like Abe Lincoln, no? hehe

Soy Sauce Steam Bath


Boy in a Box 5-16-12

Boxes don’t just keep the cats occupied.  I could photograph my nephew Owen all day (and pretty much did during his visits)

Boy in a Box

Project 365:  Road Trips, Wolves and Pups

Road Trip  5-11-12

Road Trip


British Columbia Wolf 5-12-12

British Columbia Wolf


Brook Hollow Dogs 5-13-12

Brook Hollow Dogs



Project 365:  Breakfast and Two Cats

Best Breakfast
3 eggs, 3 bacon (well done), 2 saugages, home fries, french toast, coffee and grapefruit juice….the only thing I didn’t eat were the sausages. The rest was YUMMMMMY


Sir Lancelot
My beautiful boy.

Cat in a Box
I could buy all kinds of fancy toys that wouldn’t get played with. Put down a giant box, cut some shapes out and voila, cats favorite toy.


Project 365:  Nantasket


Project 365:  A Magical Morning Stroll


My morning walk with the kids yesterday morning was magical.  It was slightly foggy as the sun peek-a-booed it’s way through the tree tops.  After a long few days of nothing but rain, the forest was bursting with green growth and the birds were fluttering about.  I love these quiet moments.  I’m selfish about them and make sure I get in as many of these days as I can in a weeks time.  Surrounded by this, I breath easier and my pace slows so that I can actually see.  I follow Georgia and Pippin’s lead and just be….live in the moment…..think of nothing else…..empty my head and see only what is right in front of me.

Ansel Adams, one of the greatest landscape photographers, would work all day in the dark room on a single photograph trying to get it to appear the way he felt at the very moment he took it…dodging and burning…dodging and burning…until what he exposed from the glass was similar to his feeling at the time it was taken.  While his original exposures may have been accurate, he tweaked until he had what he wanted; until all shades of gray were apparent.  When I learned that his final images weren’t technically “straight out of the camera” it opened up a new world for me.  It was if he gave me the permission to experiment.

So under the influence of Ansel Adams, this is my first experiment and it is exactly what I saw and how I felt on yesterday morning’s walk.