Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I get in regards to a White Whiskers Photography session.   As always, feel free to give a shout if you can’t find the answers to your questions here.

Q. Do you work out of a studio?
A. No.  I feel that the studio, being an unfamiliar environment to your pet, tends to inhibit them.  Instead, I go on location and shoot where your pet is most comfortable…most happy….most himself; be it in the woods, at the park, by the beach or in your home.


Q. What is your photography style?
A. White Whiskers Photography isn’t your typical Sears portrait type photography.  I use a candid, documentary type approach to capturing fun, artistic and expressive images of animals and their relationships with people.


Q. What can I expect from a photo shoot?
A. A laid back experience that’s fun for everyone involved.   Once I arrive, I’ll let your friend get to know me and won’t pull out my camera until I feel they’re comfortable with my being there.  Then you and your buddy will spend the next two hours enjoying the surroundings, each others company and just being yourselves while I do all the rest.


Q. What if my dog isn’t the best at sit and stay?
A. While prior basic obedience training is helpful, don’t stress if your friend hasn’t had any formal training.  I’m not interested in shooting portraits with forced positioning.  My goal on every shoot is to capture your friend’s true nature; that special look, that goofy grin or their elegance and grace.  These are the characteristics that tell a story, evoke emotion and create memorable images that will make you smile years from now.


Q. What if my dog has to remain on leash?
A. No problem at all.  Safety is my first priority and if your dog doesn’t have a tried and true recall or we’re at a location that isn’t contained, I’d actually prefer you keep your dog on leash.  I always bring a 30′ leash with me that we can use if you’d like and leashes can always be removed in post production when I’m editing your images.


Q. My pet is wary of strangers and takes a little while to warm up to people.  Would you still be willing to photograph them?
A. Yes.  I have a background that involves over 15 years experience in caring for, and working with animals giving me a strong foundation in animal behavior; a very important aspect of pet photography.  As a mater of fact, one of my own dogs is a people shy pup.  White Whiskers Photography has no breed or temperament bias.


Q. Do you shoot multiple pets?  What if I have 3 dogs and 2 cats?  Or 4 dogs?
A. I sure do.  I have no problem photographing multiple animals regardless of their species.  Photography for two animals is included with every photo session.  Additional animals are only $25 per pet.


Q. Can I be in some of the photographs as well?
A. Yes, without a doubt!  Capturing your relationship with your pet is an important part of your shoot and I encourage you to participate.  Likewise, It’s also OK if you’d rather not be in the images.  I totally get being camera shy….that’s why I tend to remain behind the camera.


Q. Do you conduct shoots year-round?
A. Absolutely.  Shoots are scheduled in any season and the weather isn’t taken into consideration when booking a shoot.  Instead, shoots are scheduled according to when the client and photographer are free.


Q. What happens if it’s raining the day of our shoot?
A. No worries.  We just touch base by phone the morning of the shoot if it looks like inclement weather is on the horizon.  Depending on what it’s doing, we may simply need to reschedule the shoot.


Q. How do I book a shoot?
A. That’s easy.  Just fill out the form on my contact page or give me a call and we can coordinate a time and place.


Q. I can’t think of a location for my shoot.  Can you help?
A. Certainly.  I’ve photographed animals in many locations.  Once I learn more about your pet, I can provide several options for you to choose from.